What Is Love?

No I didn’t mean the actual song, so please “BABY DON’T HURT ME, NO MORE!” I’m sorry I had to, I couldn’t resist. So why am I writing this blog post? I’m glad someone in the 4th wall break asked, I’m simply asking what is love. I’m serious, What is it? Well some people like to think of it as a gushy feeling when you get near a cute girl, and truth is it might be. Others say Love is something can:

I’m sorry, I will stop bringing lyrics from songs to finish my sentences in this post. Love to me is a strong bond between two people, male or female, doesn’t matter which. It is a bond so strong it connects two together into crazy madness for each other. This love can be found anywhere, it can be that cute girl in class, or even your family members/friends. Love is a word that is overused or misused in my opinion. A lot of people say, “I love you” to a someone who is just a friend and I know its a joke type of thing but love is a very, very strong word. I use the word, “love”, to prove to my parents that they mean more to me than human beings, its a connection that is more than your average everyday kiss, its meaningful in a way that shows more than the actual word itself. You might ask, “Why the hell are you bringing this up?” and to be honest its about the divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

I like Fury, World War Z, Fight Club and even Mega Mind, so I actually enjoy Brad Pitt’s movies and I know some people might argue, “He beat up his wife!” or, “She beat up her husband” but to be fairly honest I don’t believe what the media says. I’ve seen some magazines earlier today and some said, “Angie decked Brad” or “Brad spanked Angie”, and you might say the magazines I saw were probably B.S and they probably were, but you can’t believe everything the media throws at you.

Remember the Sylvester Stallone death hoax? It was all over Facebook, Twitter and even Fox 6 News. It was later revealed that Stallone was alive and well proving my point that sometimes the media can lie to you. You probably seen this commercial:

I think the video proved my overall theme in this blog post. Don’t overuse the word love and don’t believe everything you hear on the media!




Gary Johnson

This guy, in my opinion, is an idiot. You guys might be wondering why I think this and maybe this might answer your question. I’m not a politics person, so please don’t get offended by this, its just my opinion.

Really, he doesn’t even know what Aleppo is? Come on, if you’re going to be president you must know what happens outside your country. I saw an add about Gary Johnson and I honestly think it was straight up BULLSHIT. Johnson literally put up an add saying he is better than Hillary and Trump yet he is dead  last in the polls. This guy shouldn’t even be running for vice president, he’s that bad. I hate political adds because all of them are Bullshit, I honestly want to get to my video or the song I wanted to listen to. I get that there is only 30 days left but why try? All I’m saying is if this guy doesn’t even know about Aleppo or even a Mexican president, then he can’t be president because you need to know what happens in and outside your country.

Let me know if you enjoyed that small political post, I love to try new things and politics is something I am considering. Please don’t get mad at me for posting my opinion, its just an opinion.

Part 93

I guess it finally happened, I finally ran out of things to write about. The music post was all I got that weekend and now I’m totally empty from school and homework. It’s been two years since I ran out of ideas and now I’m honestly scared. I wanted to do a video game review or that guide I’ve promised for weeks but I don’t have the energy right now. My “Zombies’ Guide” is gonna be packed with all the things you need to know about how to play, easter egg steps and more. I should also mention that my “Zombies Guide” Is going to be a four-part special that is going to be released every Saturday starting next week. When I say next week, I mean a month to get homework out of the way, chores, laziness, and other things that might be on my schedule. I love telling you guys my experience, or my point of view on video games or just trending topics that are happening now. Anyways I hope you enjoy this SNL of the Debate of Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton.

Music I love listening to

To prove that I am a human being I would like to show off some of my favorite songs to you guys. I like lots of genres of music like hip hop, Dubstep, Oldies, Jazz and even chorus. Yes, I said chorus, don’t judge me. So without further-a-do let’s get this show on the road. (Note to self: Come up with better ways to get to the point)

I forgot to mention AC/DC music is one of my passions!!! 🙂

Mr.Skonecki’s favorite type of music:

Let me know if you want to hear more of my favorite songs, otherwise, I’m gonna BEAT IT:


The Start And The End of Things

Hey guys, I just wanted to check in and see what was up. My absence was inexcusable and I’m sorry for that. A lot of things have been happening, some good some bad. I like doing these blog posts because I like to express myself, I like to reach out to other people and inform them or entertain them. The thing is that not everyone will like my posts and I’m ok with that.
Depression is a battle that is difficult to win. I too have been there and I know how it feels. Right now I’m kind of depressed for not being a good friend and for having an uncontrollable rage. We all have been upset or angry for dumb reasons, I, for instance, been upset at things that been stressing me out and things that F#ck me in the ass for no reason. I am in a hole that keeps getting deeper and deeper because of the things I do.
I want to assure you that I’m fine, I will always be fine so please don’t worry about me. All I want you to do is give me a break, or understand that some of the things I do is important and I can’t always be here.  I’ll try to post Zombie guide, but in the meantime stay happy.



Video game review

Okay, remember when I said I was gonna do an “update” post yesterday?  I am so sorry but I seriously forgot. I had better things to do like spend time with my family and you guys know family comes first.  So today is a video game review, so lets get started.

Black ops 3 zetsubou no shima:

Ok, its been a month or two since this map has came out and I think its a good time to post a review about this map. Be warned, This is my opinion, so please don’t get triggered by anything that is being said. So this map takes place in a division 9 facility somewhere in japan. This map is suppose to be a horror map, one of the first horror maps in a long time. As soon as I heard about this map, I got Shi no numa vibes because the layout was a jungle type of terrain. I will be honest with you, I was hyped to play this map with my father to try out new and old elements from World at war and Black ops. I promise, this map will give you World at war Zombies vibes.

Game play:

Zetsubou No Shima has some very interesting elements to the game and has some familiar customs from Black ops 3 multiplayer. For an example, you can swim. Yes, I’ve said it, You can swim in Zetsubuo No Shima! I was shocked when I saw the trailer (which I will show you in a bit)  to find our main Zombie slayers killing Zombies underwater. Swimming in Zetsubou No Shima was great, the bullets whizzing underwater was an excellent effect and I am kinda speechless to say anything more about it.

New wonder weapon called the KT-4 is amazing. the KT-4 is like the sliquifier in Black ops 2 zombies, however, it has this charge effect just like the bows in Der eisendrache. It does require assembly, which is in fact not that difficult at all once you get to know the layout of the map. I do recommend watching Game plays, walk through, and to study the map in order to know  the map.

Another cool feature about Zetsubou No Shima  is a new element to the Zombies experience called gardening. This new element gets you to collect power up seeds(acquired by killing Zombies…Duh) and to plant them in certain spots. You must water them with 4 types of water: Green, Blue, purple and rainbow. Each color has a different effect on the plant you’re growing, For example, Purple water makes your plant a magnet for zombies by attracting them instead of chasing you. Green water turns you plant into a huge claw that saves a zombie for you to do tedious things. Blue water makes your plant give you power ups, weapons, and money. Rainbow water is a mystery and gives you random plants like Green, blue or purple plants.

Last and not least we have one of the most coolest part of this map, and that is the special weapon. For those who don’t know what a special weapon is, its a third weapon that can be activated by using both top triggers of you controllers and can only be used for a short time. You can reuse it over and over again by killing zombies to charge it. The special weapon in this map is called the Skull of non sapwe. This weapon has two modes, Vaporize and mesmerize. Mesmerize makes zombies stand still only when you aim the skull directly at them, and vaporize mode vaporizes and kills the zombies in oblivion.


I have to give this map 4.5/5. Zetsubou No Shima is amazing and I enjoyed the horror and the fast action pace that this map delivered. Three downsides is the boss zombies, Spiders, and weird gas bubbles around map. I feel like that the new boss Zombie has nothing interesting to deliver, its just some plain mutated zombie that really doesn’t interest me that well. The spiders was a good twist and a new dog round to remember; however, its gets all caught up in its own webs by webbing everything up like Doorways and perks which can lead to annoyance and frustration. The weird gas bubbles around the map is a huge set back because the gas makes you cough and not able fire your weapon until the gas clears. I feel like it isn’t a huge setback because the Gas mask helps defeat that problem temporarily until it breaks.

Track mania turbo:

Now here’s a game I’ve been wanting to play since it came out. It has that Mario kart 8 feeling when you play it only by track racing, nothing else. This game had a lot of good reviews in the past and I was for sure interested in playing the game. I am unfamiliar with any of the Tack mania games, so please chill. When I first saw the trailer, my instant reaction was, “I need to play this”.

Game play:

Track Mania Turbo introduces new concepts I’ve seen before but forgotten because its been so long since I’ve seen these concepts. I will be honest, I don’t really enjoy these new concepts. The one thing I don’t enjoy is how each race its just you, by yourself, with no racers. Come on! wheres the fun in racing alone on singleplayer? It sucks the fun like a vampire drinking diet blood, its that horrible for me. Whenever I play a racing game, I like the competition of racing others, it just boosts the adrenaline and the fun that you actually want to play again. Without anyone to race, whats the point in even racing? I mean there are time trials that you need to beat in order to move on to the next track. I don’t want to sound like a hater but don’t you think that’s pressuring people to try hard to beat time trials?   Nobody likes to be pressured to do anything, and that’s why this game can get boring sometimes.

There is two good things about Track mania turbo and that is the creativity and the decency to have a friend play. That’s what pretty much saved this game from being Pre owned so quickly, its the fact that you can use split screen to play with a friend and how bizarre and cool the tracks are. Each level is colorful and crazy and stands out differently from any other racing I’ve played before. One cool thing you can do with four players is try to drive one car. Yes, you heard me, try controlling one car with four people. Thats the fun experience that some people might be looking for in a racing game. Track mania is a new experience that I haven’t explored yet; however brings back concepts that should’ve be brought up in the first place.


Even though Track Mania doesn’t really have that fun engaging racing experience everybody wants, It gives you another experience that is fun and enjoyable. I Give this game a 3.5/5 rating.

So thank you all for tuning in on this Video game review, I know Its a shorter than usual, however I will do a zetsubou no shima guide on how to do the Easter egg and other neat tricks this Tuesday.




Okay, maybe posting daily was the worst promise I made. Well, to be honest, I’m not sure it was even a promise nor a commitment. So please don’t hold me against something I hadn’t even promised. As you guys may know, its officially summer vacation and you all are probably wondering why I’m not making any posts. The reason for that is something I hated for years and its called summer school. No, I didn’t fail on  my finals, I actually kicked ass and got good grades. The school I’m attending is called Tenor high and it gives you one free year of college. Yup, you know I can’t pass that up, so I attended only for the college and ended up paying the price that everyone else in my freshman class had to pay, and that was summer school. I needed more credits to go to college; so, summer school was the only way to get enough credits. Don’t worry, its only for freshman year, after that its one month vacation for me.

Now, after that perfectly good excuse, I will do a video game review tomorrow and on June 13th I will do a Call of duty Zombies moments montage/best moments, guides, and tips/tricks for beginner zombie slayers. I will also do an update later today. So stay tuned!