Need For Speed World

I’m sorry for not telling you what Need For Speed World is, Even though it is so awesome that I forgot to tell you. You go to the website and download the game Need For Speed World. Then wait an hour or two. Now I’m going to tell you about the game and how it works.Need For Speed World  is Where you go online to Race Other people in the real world. Customization And paint jobs are in this game But they are not for free. It cost fake cash in the game But for serious cars cost boost and boost cost real money. (real dough man). You don’t have to pay real money, You can try to earn it by Entering races and earning cash. But cars that cost money ain’t cheap. A Toyota supra cost $750,000 and you only get a few thousand for wining races. You can upgrade performance on your vehicle making it have more grip and speed. If you have any other questions about the game, Comment about it below the blog.


I hadn’t finished the game Need For Speed rivals because I don’t have the time to play. Now its the third week of school and I have a ton of homework. I keep aiming advanced but I always get proficient. Now I’m going even harder until I get an advanced in all my grades(well not all my grades). I keep getting that because I probably take the easy way out but now I’m going hard core and studying until I die.:D




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