Thank you


My dad got confused on how this whole blog thing even works. My dad is an awesome guy but can get a little slow sometimes times. I love this blog and all my fans or  classmates that are reading my blog, and I would like to say thanks. Anyways I love the fact that I have to do 60 blogs, I mean whos going to read all of that anyway? The teacher that’s who, he gives me awesome grades for putting up these blogs and I would like to say thanks to him also. In this blog I would like to take the time and say thanks to all of those people out there looking at my blogs, and the people who doesn’t get it.( my father) Never have a good blog without saying thanks to the people looking at your blog. anyhow this is my twelfth blog post this year and I’m going to make more.

I love it when people dare other people to not laugh and they end up laughing at the end. in this video they’re lots of thing that made me laugh in five seconds. Try not to laugh I double dare you.




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