Weird dream…..

Friday night was awesome, and weird at the same time. I had seven beers(root beer),four scopes of ice cream, and another root beer. I went high in sugar that day, but when I went to sleep is another story. I was imagining that I was in a special ops team to take out a drug dealer in San Fransisco. His location was in a huge sky scraper with his goons. Heres the crazy part, three of my trusty friends were in it. Kendall, Michael and Celicio were on my special ops team. The last thing I did before I went to bed was play call of duty black ops 2 and thats what I was dreaming about. We were in the sky scraper and we all had weapons. I had a Uzi and a M1911 pistol with a silencer on it, Kendall had a shotgun with a dual pistols, Celicio had a ak47 and a revolver, lastly Micheal wasn’t in the elevator he was in a helicopter circling the building. It was like magnum pi or the A team but with me and my friends.We were on the elevator going to the to the roof until it stopped on a floor. The door opened and we went in an office with the drug dealers goons. Then we started shooting everyone in a boss way. We were like bad boys but way more cooler. We were shooting everyone, then I heard Micheal telling me that the drug dealer was escaping in the helicopter on the roof. We were blazing everyone and we took the stairs. Heres the weird part we started dancing. yes dancing, To can’t touch this and dancing like this guy which I will show a video of.  I guess thats where the sugar came in. Then we were on the roof of a thousand foot sky scraper. I busted the door clean off with my m1911. Michael came up in his helicopter and shot everyone except the drug dealer. I was the only one to stop him and i shot him once but he had a bullet proof vest. Then I was at the edge off the skyscraper and I was out of ammo. The drug dealer shot me three times and celicio shot him in the face. I was standing there and Celicio, Kendall, and Micheal were staring at me. I take a look at my chest and it was bleeding to death. Kendall ran to me and try to catch me before I fell but it was too late. I fell off the building and I saw all three of my friends looking down, watching me fall. Then I saw every bad memory of mine and woke up. Then I went to the bathroom and puked.


I kind of danced like this guy.



  1. 0205kendallc · October 22, 2014

    thats hilarious


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