huge shout outs!!

I would like to say thank you to the people who are reading my blog and following it. I would like to give a huge shout out to 0207 halinad who has been giving me good comments and has been following my blog. I would also give a huge shout out to 0205 kendallc, he has been my best friend for years, and he has been supporting me throughout my blog. make sure you visit their blogs because they are just as good as mine. Also make sure you visit Celicio’s blog because he has been a follower of mine, and has been a good friend to me. and thank you all who has been following my blog and has been reading it.

I have been playing one of my favorite games and that is burnout paradise. It has great action and crashes, which make it a awesome game. I had this game when I got my PS3, and it is having trouble starting. the CD was scratched and that explains why it wont start. I think I will get a new CD, but the game is still great when it finally starts. I will explain how the game works next blog.

Well I would like to say this is my 26 or 25 blog post, so lets celebrate! This was cut from lord of the rings, and it was pretty good.


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