In Burnout Paradise there’s a thing that I used to say that would always motivate me to do better in an event. Oh yeah it was, “if you don’t succeed use another car.”So then I lost an event in marked man and I went to the garage and got my secret weapon. The GT Knight Hawk(knight rider) was my secret weapon, and nothing could handle my car’s awesomeness but me. So you guys are probably like, “well what is so special about the GT Knight Hawk?” well it’s boost is the one that makes everything so awesome. It’s not only the power of the car’s boost, it’s the transformation that make it so cool. This car was actually based off the knight rider TV show so if you see this video you will understand the resemblance. So I got this car and went to the same marked man event, and this time I was pretty confident that my car will kick butt in this event. Then these scary black cars come out of no where and they try to make their first move. obviously I maneuvered the tactic and hit the boost button and off I went. The car was going so fast I could see everything in slow motion( just kidding). The GT Knight Hawk is the best car I ever driven in marked man, you could get this car in the burnout store in the easy drive panel or at the home menu. So then I dusted them and finished the marked man event without any scratches.


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