Thanks Giving

Like always there is always food involved in thanks giving. Sadly I ate too much food, but I ended up okay. This thanks Giving was ordinary. The family comes over, we eat rice with turkey and play games. that’s it, that’s all we do, I mean, last time we went to Wisconsin dell and it was great. I’m not saying that this Thanks giving was horrible it was great. I finally saw my brother after months of school, I mean we don’t hang out that much any more. Yeah he is busy now that he is like 23 or 24 years old. So here we are sitting at the table and my brother is talking about the times he was young and how he used to have these permanent scares. It was horrible what he did when he was my age but it was funny and worth talking about. Then we play family feud and play other games that this auto correct spelling, won’t let me spell correctly. Anyways I had a good time and so did the whole family. Hopefully I see my brother soon, I’m already starting to miss him. Sadly he is my only brother and we bros have to stick together.

MY dad and I always play this game called black ops zombies. we are really good at the game and we now play rarely because my dad is twice as busy now. We last about 20 to thirty rounds in call of duty zombies, and we usually die in honor. Take my advice, always buy and keep a wall weapon. Why? because you don’t have to rely on max ammo to fill your weapons, buying ammo would save time and your life. Also if you get a box weapon, you can only get max ammo drops, to refill ammo. So have a happy ThankGiving.( sorry this is a little late.) 😀


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