Oh crap 2, it can’t be!

Well as you all know there is a sequel to my other previous blog and my worst enemy has risen. Yes he is back and in worst condition ever. Five nights at Freddy’s 2 had came out a month ago. AHHHHHHH! you guys are like yeah we know, and F.N.A.F.2(five nights at Freddy’s 2) is stupid. Well it’s not stupid and it gives you a weird feeling when you play. Now I’m not going to explain the game but it’s just like F.N.A.F but you don’t rely on power that much. Instead of having steel doors to keep them away, you have a mask to trick them, and yes it’s a Freddy mask.if you run out of batteries in your flashlight, the whole place won’t be out of power. cool right, but there’s more than meets the eye. There is more of them,there are newly versions of the original deadly animals. Don’t believe me check this video out.


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