Perk Songs

I love all the COD Black Ops and the COD World At War, because they have Zombies and I love Zombies. I play it every weekend and never get tired of it, until this year. I got bored with the COD black ops 1 and 2 Zombies, but I have some good news. Treyarch is starting to develop a Black ops 3 or a World At War 2. I am excited for the new COD game that’s about to come out, all I can say is “Hurry up with the game already!” They said they are going to release the game somewhere in 2016, which is okay I guess. l’ll be sixteen at the time so that will suck. So like I said I love the COD Zombies, even the ones on the PC. I never ever played the ones on the PC but I’ve seen videos on it and they look amazing. Some people think that the developers of Treyarch are going to make another COD Ghost and to be honest, Ghost was the worst at of all of the COD franchise. So if that happens, don’t act surprise to see Treyarch as a gas station. I bought Ghost when it came out and I hated it. It was worst than all the other COD’s. Then COD Advanced Warfare came out. I can’t believe they made another terrible game! Are you serious? To make matters worse they try replicating the Zombies we once know and love into a futuristic stupid mode. COME ON! The zombies are terrible in advanced warfare, they don’t even have perks or the box. And to top it all off the pack a punch is gone, and you have to upgrade your weapons one at a time to reach a full upgrade. I’m very aggravated that they did that. COD developers had failed again to bring a good quality game. Also if they are going to make a Black ops 3 or World At War 2, please do not make the zombies or anything in the game futuristic, black ops 2 was okay, but I don’t want anything more futuristic than that.

I loved the perk songs that came out of the perks, so here is two that I love.


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