Happy Moments Gone

Had you ever wished that something that had happened to you that was so good that you want to relive it? That has happened to me once and it was just recently, it was two months ago that I started doing amazing things. I can’t really tell you what they’re because its kinda embarrassing and I don’t really feel like talking about it. In other cases there was this one time I went on the hugest roller coaster in the world( to me) and lived to tell the tale. It was two years ago and we were heading to Cedar Point, Ohio. Cedar point is an amusement park that is in Ohio obviously and it has the most intense rides. Yes its intense, and it would be perfect for me only if I never had the phobia of heights. Yes, I am very afraid of heights and some of the people reading this who are afraid of heights will get how I felt. So even when I got in the amusement park I was already afraid and said the S#@$ word out loud and my dad was right next to me. I remember I went on this huge swing ride called MAX AIR. Trust me the title does not lie. Don’t think I had strong guts to get on the ride, I was forced on, and I didn’t like it. After that terrible experience I had a rush of energy in my body and I think its called adrenaline. I felt so good that I wanted to go another ride, and that ride was called, RAPTOR. Most of you guys who have been there know what ride that is, its the big ride that has a corkscrew. Anyways I went on it and enjoyed it this time.

The reason why I have a fear of heights is the imagination of me falling and having that weird feeling when you go down the drop. I hated that feeling and that is why I cried when I went on a ride called, MAGNUM XL200. For those who don’t know what the MAGNUM XL200 was it was a big huge scary ride that caused me to say S*&# and poop my pants. I’ll show you guys a video of what it looks like, but man is it big. I cried not to go on and yet I was forced on and went through the scariest stage of my life. After the ride I had a good time and the picture of me on the ride was blocked by a man raising his hands in the air. So that’s all for this post, peace!


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