Hey, Ho, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Hey guys, I’m sorry that I haven’t posting usually, This week was very crazy. So I’m expecting something coming in the mail and I really want it to get here already. Its almost the end of the school year and honestly I’m nervous if I’m going to graduate or not. No joke, I already posted a post about that and its called, “Graduation?!“. So in the past few days I’ve been very stressed out and to be honest I can’t think straight. I have so many problems going on with my life that it is hard to write without scribbling. So….Hey,Ho, Whatcha gonna do? I think you guys deserve a Story Stream, Lets do this!

I was walking and I was like:(6:25)

Then I just realized something and I was like:(6:40)

Then somebody got me angry and I was like:

I was waiting for one of my friends and he finally came, and I was like:(3:55)

Then I asked my dad how he eats an Oreo, and he was like:(59s)

Then somebody tried touching my tortilla and I was like: (1:54)

Alright thats all for today, so bye, I guess……okay seriously its over….you can go now….bye.


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