I Finally Did It!

I did it! I did it you guys, I finally did it. I finally made Honor Roll, the thing I’ve been chasing down for 2 or 3 years! I’m so excited. Thank you guys, for pushing me forward when things were going bad for me. So I think this calls for an old fashioned Story Stream! Lets GO!

I was playing COD and a guy was aiming their gun at me, I was like:(2:52s)

Then he finally got me:(3:17)

I went outside and saw someone litter, I was like:(18s)

I went up to the guy and I was like:(54s)

Then I went back inside and my dad wanted me to do something, I was like:(3:33s)

After that I went outside and my friend told me a joke,it went like:(2:33s)

Alright thats enough for now, remember don’t ever get in fight with baseball players:(1:28s)


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