Lots Of Good And Some Bad News

So, what should I start with? The good news, or bad news? I’ll start with the good news. So I forgot to tell you guys about my graduation present that I got for graduating Juvenal school, and off to prison( middle school to high school). So What I got for my graduation present was the PS4. Yes! I finally got it guys, and I’ve been playing games like, Batman Arkham knight, The Crew and Alien Isolation. I will tell you my review on those games next blog, but I’m not finished with the good news. I pre ordered Black Ops 3, and Need For Speed 2015. I know, its amazing. My good friend Tyler has been telling me its really good because he played the beta, so I can’t wait to play the game on November 3rd. Also I went Airsofting with Celicio and Sergio. My experience was….really painful. When people say it hurts, they were not lying. I never cried so hard when a kid smaller than me just put a whole clip into my stomach. I was gasping for air the whole time and I really never felt that type of pain before. Celicio however was having the time of his life, while I was gasping for air.That’s the last time I’m going Airsofting with him. I got a new pup, and her name is….Tootsie. I might have already told you this and I apologize if I did, but she got bigger and shes doing fine. I going to this High School called Tenor and its a great school.

Ok here’s the bad news. Tenor is a great school for learning, but I miss my old friends. Yes, Celicio, Kendall, and Michael Mason himself. I couldn’t possibly survive middle school without them and I really miss them. I’m kinda lonely at Tenor because everyone there doesn’t talk much like I do. None of the friends I have at Tenor can replace my three best friends in the whole wide world. I hope I can see all of them in person soon, and I hope none of them forgot about me. Also give support and Love to my little sis doing her own blog series and continuing the legacy. Here the link to go to her blog: https://0207josieo.wordpress.com/. I will see you in the next post, later.



  1. 0205celiciol · October 19, 2015

    Hey, don’t ya worry about me fool, you’ll see me soon enough. I still haven’t forgot about you Isaiah, like I told you, I’m thinking about taking all of us airsofting for Christmas break.


    • 0205isaiahO · October 20, 2015

      You never told me this plan…..And thanks, you’re the best friend a guy can ever have.


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